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🎉 Recent Updates

Winter 2020 Update

Google Classroom & MS Teams integration. Import students and sync assessment grades with Google Classroom and MS Teams.

Video and audio comments. Can’t demonstrate a particular approach using text? Record a video or audio clip of yourself instead and send it to your students on their practices or assessment attempts.

Link sharing. Generate a universal link to a lesson, practice, assessment, or composition and share it with your students to provide quick and easy access to Collabra content.

Summer 2020 Update

Compositions. Work with your students to record a remote multi-track composition. Lay down the base track, and assign other tracks to students to record their part.

Collaborations. Collaborate with other teachers in your district / college on jury assessments, group compositions, and more.

Lesson sharing. Share lessons with other teachers in your district / college, and assign shared lessons to your students.

Spring 2020 Update 2

Lesson and assessment attachments. Teachers are can now attach a file to both lessons and assessments. These files are displayed to students so they can download them.

Teachers now have student accounts. Teachers can now choose to login as a student account. Student accounts are automatically added to their courses, and do not count against seat limits.

Spring 2020 Update

Uploading recordings is more reliable. We have been working with students and instructors individually to address the most common issues with recording and uploading.

New audio tools. We’ve added three new tools to the recording interface: a Pitch tool, a Metronome, and audio gain control for controlling your volume.

Initial Release

Collabra has been rewritten from the ground up. We have all of the same features as before, and more.


Collabra is a practice management platform that helps you manage students and motivate practice. It is designed for school band directors, orchestra leaders, choir directors, private instructors, and the performing arts.

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