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Troubleshooting Uploads

Having troubles recording videos and submitting them to Collabra? Follow the steps mentioned below to fix the most common recording problems.

Are you on a supported device?

If you’re using the website, Collabra recording is only supported inside the Google Chrome web browser. We are working to add support for additional browsers in the future.

If you are on a tablet or mobile device, you must be using the Collabra mobile app. Recording is not supported in mobile web browsers (even Google Chrome). You can find the Collabra Mobile app inside the iOS App Store and the Google Play store.

Did you finish the recording?

If you close the Collabra mobile app or close the Collabra website during the middle of your recording, you will lose your entire recording with no way of recovering it.

Because of this, do not close the Collabra website or mobile app while creating a recording, and make sure to click on the “Save to Collabra” option once you are finished.

Did you Save to Collabra?

Whenever recording videos, we allow students and instructors to review their recordings before actually uploading them to Collabra. There are two options toward the top of the screen: “Delete Recording” and “Save to Collabra.” The Save to Collabra option looks something like this:

If you like your recording, make sure to click or tap this button to submit your recording to Collabra.

Did you leave the app open?

If you’re using the Collabra Website, you need to leave the tab open while you wait for your video to upload. If you close your tab, the upload will stop and you will potentially lose your recording.

You may go visit different tabs, as long as you leave the Collabra tab open in the background.

If you’re using the Collabra mobile app, you may need to stay inside the app for a few seconds in order for the upload to start processing, but once it goes into the “Uploading (X%)” state, you should be fine to go back to the home screen and use another app. Do not force-close the app. Force-closing means you go to the app switcher and swipe up on the app itself, instead of simply going back to the home screen. If you force-close the app, your active uploads will stop and you might lose your recording.

Are you connected to a Wifi network?

This only applies to the Collabra mobile app. If your uploads are stuck in the “Waiting” state, this most likely means you are not connected to Wifi. By default, the Collabra mobile app will not use cellular data for uploads. This is designed to save you money on your cell phone bill.

Please connect to a Wifi network to start your upload. Otherwise, we have a toggle available in settings where you can enable uploads over a cellular connection if you would like. Please note, this will potentially use a large amount of data depending on how long your practices are.

To enable cellular data usage, follow the steps here.

Is your recording uploading?

Next, let’s check the status of the upload. No matter if you’re using the Collabra website or the mobile app, there is always a list available of your current and past uploads. You can use this list to monitor the status of all your recordings.

The steps for checking this are different depending on what kind of device you are using.

Collabra Website

If you are on the Collabra website, follow these steps to get to the “Manage Uploads” dialog and check the status of your uploads.

Click on your name at the top right corner of the screen. We call this the user menu.

Click on the Manage Uploads option inside the list.

All of your pending, active, and recently completed uploads appear in this list.

You can use this screen to review recent uploads and troubleshoot ones that might be stuck. If you have stuck uploads, try some of the solutions mentioned farther down this page.

Collabra Mobile

If you are on the Collabra mobile app, follow these steps to get to the “Manage Uploads” dialog and check the status of your uploads.

Head to the Home tab at the bottom. We’ll also sometimes call this your dashboard.

Tap on the Settings Gear in the top-right corner of the screen.

Tap on the Manage Uploads item inside the list.

You can use this screen to review recent uploads and troubleshoot ones that might be stuck. If you have stuck uploads, try some of the solutions mentioned farther down this page.

What is the status of your upload?

When you upload a recording, your submission will go through several phases:

  1. Waiting - This means the upload has not started yet. If you have an upload stuck in this phase for more than 30 seconds, this probably means you are not connected to Wifi. Jump back to Is your recording uploading?
  2. Uploading - This means the upload is currently uploading. At this point, if you are on the mobile app, you may go back to your home screen and do other things. Do not force-close the app.
  3. Processing - This means we have your video and we are doing some final-touches to it. At this point, you may force-close the app, close your Chrome tab, turn your computer off, etc. If your video is stuck in this phase for more than 30 minutes, please reach out to support.
  4. Complete - Your video upload is done!

If your upload is in one of these phases for an extended period of time, you may have to take action.

  • Failed - Uh oh, something went wrong with your video upload! At this point, you should probably try it again.
  • Still being uploaded… - You may see this message flicker a few times, but it should not stay on the upload for more than 30 minutes. At this point, it is not safe to close your tab or force-quit the app. Please wait for your upload to complete. If you see this message for more than 30 minutes, something is probably wrong and you should reach out to Collabra Support.

The “Still being uploaded…” message could also be showing because you closed the app or website in the middle of a recording, or you did not click on the “Save to Collabra” button when you were finished with your recording.

Have you tried restarting your upload?

If an upload has failed, or seems to be stuck, you can always retry the upload. In order to do this, follow the steps below:

These steps might look a little different on the Collabra website.

The general instructions are still the same, however.

Tap on the upload you would like to restart.

Tap on the Retry option inside the list.

Once you retry the upload, the upload you selected will briefly go back to the “Waiting” state before uploading again.

If you continue to have issues with uploads, you may want to try some more of the solutions below.

You might need to remove the upload.

At this point, you can either reach out to Collabra support to help resolve your issues, or delete your recording and try it again.

If an upload has failed or seems to be stuck and you just want to delete it, we have an option for that as well. Please note, if you delete an upload, you will not be able to get the files back unless you already saved them to your device. Always use caution when deleting uploads.

You might want to download your recording before deleting it.

To download your recording before deleting it, follow the same steps listed below. Instead of selecting the “Delete” option, select the “Save to Camera Roll” or “Download” options instead. Once you do, your recording will be saved to your photos if you’re on a mobile device, or your downloads if you’re on a computer.

In order to delete your upload, follow the steps below:

Tap on the upload you would like to delete.

Tap on the Delete option inside the list.

Once you tap on that option, you will be asked to confirm your decision. Once you confirm, your uploads list will refresh and the upload you wanted to delete will be removed.

You might need to clear all of your uploads.

As a last resort, you could clear the entire upload queue on your device and try again. In order to do this, please follow the steps in this article.

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