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Recording a Lesson with Zoom

Collabra works great with Zoom. In order to facilitate remote learning, our customers typically record their one-to-one or many-to-one lessons using Zoom, and then upload the recording to Collabra as a lesson to share with students. Students can then create practices against these lessons.

Record your Zoom Meeting

First, have your zoom meeting and record it. In order to record a Zoom meeting, follow the directions here. We find their quick overview video very helpful!

If you prefer text-based instructions instead of a video, they can be found here.

Make sure to record your meeting to your local computer instead of to the Zoom cloud. While we are looking to support a more direct Zoom integration in the future, local recordings are only supported for the time being.

Find your Zoom recording

In order to find where the file containing your Zoom recording is located, follow the steps here.

If your meeting was video-based, the file you’re looking for will end in .mp4. If your meeting was audio-based, the file you’re looking for will end in .m4a.

Upload your recording to Collabra

Finally, to upload your recording to Collabra as a lesson, follow the steps below on the Collabra Website:

Click on the Lessons tab at the top of the page.

Click on the Create Lesson button.

Select the type of recording you created in Zoom (either Audio or Video).

Click on the cloud icon to upload the recording from your computer.

Once you select the file, it will start uploading. Use this time to give your Lesson a name and select some tags to help categorize it.

Click Create Lesson to save your lesson.

Your lesson will upload in the background (make sure not to close the tab before the upload completes), and then the students you assigned to the lesson will be able to view it and practice against it.

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