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Clearing Stuck Uploads

While we strive for this to never be necessary, sometimes you may be required to clear your existing uploads in case one of them is stuck. We want to be clear, you should not do this unless you absolutely have to. Clearing uploads will almost certainly result in lost practices, lessons, or assessment attempts.

Head to the Home tab at the bottom. We’ll also sometimes call this your dashboard.

Tap on the Settings Gear in the top-right corner of the screen.

Tap on the Manage Uploads item inside the list.

Tap on the red Clear Uploads link at the bottom of the list (you may need to scroll down).

If you can’t see the link, there are no uploads for you to clear. If you’re expecting uploads to be here, but they’re not, reach out to Collabra Support.

Confirm you do indeed want to clear your uploads. Again, please make sure you absolutely need to clear your uploads. Clearing your uploads will almost certainly result in lost practices, lessons, or assessment attempts.

Once you tap confirm, your uploads will be cleared, and you shouldn’t have any problems uploading new practices, lessons, or assessments.

After you clear your uploads, you may want to delete the associated practices or lessons as they are not automatically deleted whenever you clear an upload.

To do that, use the links below:

If you continue to have difficulty uploading new practices, lessons, or assessments, please contact Collabra Support.

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