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Collabra helps music instructors & their students become better.


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Tracking student progress shouldn’t be so hard.

The Old Way

The Old Way of Tracking Progress

There are dozens of technologies out there that you can try to use to manage your students. You can record sessions, sync/share files, and even track time, but none of these tools are designed to work together like Collabra.

The Collabra Way

Whether you’re teaching graduate students in an applied studio, private lessons to teenagers, or a classroom full of middle-schoolers, Collabra’s open-ended software fits into your teaching style.

Full-featured online music recording made easy.

Our software is designed to be used by 7-year-olds and 77-year-olds alike. There’s no extra hardware or software required.  You only need an internet-connected device with a built-in microphone. Our goal is to make the process simple and rewarding so that you can focus on what matters: your music.


Record custom lessons for one student or hundreds of students.


Store all of your recordings easily on the Collabra cloud.


Record all of your practices and track your progress.



Spend less time fighting technology and more time teaching & learning.



Create assessments to check progress and assign grades.


Reach out to the Collabra team any time with questions or feedback.

  Made for Instructors

Teaching music has unique challenges. Collabra makes practice accountability, course-correction, assessments, and feedback easy, helping you streamline and maximize the teaching process.

  Made for Students

Learning a musical instrument is a life-long process. Luckily, Collabra motivates you with a personal progress log and preserves your audio / video recorded lessons and practices in the Collabra cloud.

  Made by Musicians

Collabra is built for musicians, by musicians. We understand the struggles of learning and teaching music. Our software is designed to stay out of your way, and let the music flow.

Luke Aylsworth

“I can’t imagine teaching band without Collabra.”

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Dr. Stephen Mattingly

“I would recommend Collabra to any applied music professor who’s teaching one-on-one.”

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Collabra is free for Instructors

and between $3-$10 / Student / month.

Collabra works where you do.

Collabra is available on the web, Android, and iOS.



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